About Dr. Dean


As a financial consultant, author, radio personality, relationship mentor for over 15 years and Founder/CEO of Dream Works Cancer Foundation I have earned my place among the best in this field by delivering an affluent message that helps guide couples in their everyday family, personal and marital relationships. It is a message that I have learned from my own lifestyle and I am helping others apply to their lives.   II Timothy 2:2.

My education, business experience, and a solid understanding of God’s word enable me to give practical and Biblical-based counseling to families, churches, colleges, and businesses, throughout the country.

In 1998, I started my own company, Christian Response Financial Management. My company provided books, DVD’s, seminars, professional and personal programs aimed to help individuals and organizations deal with relationships. My speaking engagement generally includes 47 keynotes a year and can be heard on radio and television interview programs.

My background as a financial consultant and my Christian beliefs are what compelled me to begin this speaking career. Seeing firsthand the problems that engulf many of us, and finances being a major part of relationships I began my relationship and marriage mentoring to help couples develop and enjoy a healthy long lasting relationship.

Apple Hill 168 In 2010 I launched Dream Works Cancer Foundation., a foundation that helps fund uninsured and underinsured breast cancer patients. I began speaking and teaching on unconditional love and marriage to co-survivors and their families, it wasn’t long before his mentoring was deeply connected to the root foundation on having a healthy long lasting relationship.

The devotion and moral character I have initiated will continue to process a ceaseless inner self-education, which has distinguished me as an authority on family, personal and marital relationships. My passion for learning and my determination to achieve greatness for others has made me a leader in this field.