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Purpose Over Preference

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Jackies story

Not too long ago I received a call from a young women named Jackie, she had just broken off her engagement and canceled her wedding three weeks before the date. When Jackie called my office she was in tears, wondering if she had done the right thing and if she would ever find the right man, or if she would continue to make the same mistakes. What I found out through mentoring her was that this was Jackies second time calling off a wedding. 

Through Coaching For Singles, Jackie discovered her issues of trust, insecurities, past hurt, and most importantly purpose over preference. Jackie is now healing and no longer afraid to face a committed relationship, and has hopeful dreams of being married.   


  • Why I am consistently attracted to emotionally unavailable partners
  • The 3 qualities that matter most when starting a new healthy relationship
  • The biggest mistakes that make your relationship dysfunctional
  • How to trust your judgment

If you are struggling to find a healthy, lasting relationship, you will find some life-
changing answers through my One-on-One Coaching For Singles.

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