Premarital Coaching

Do you still want to get married?

1. One on one mentoring: 90-day program. Bi-weekly sessions

2. Six one hour sessions. (60) minutes each. (Skype or telephone)

Many people make the mistake of marrying with the hope that “the man I’m dating will change after the wedding” or “she will change because she loves me.”

The way to ensure that someone won’t change is to expect them to change. Pressure to make a person change does not allow the person to blossom healthy in the relationship.

In order to make your marriage work, you need more than just the right partner, you also need to know the elements necessary for a happy, healthy marriage.     

Allow me to be your Premarital Mentor.


  • Love… What you really need to know
  • Why it’s important to share the same basic goals and values
  • Are you realistic about your faults?
  • Can you admit the person you are dating has faults?
  • How does your family and friends feel about the person you are dating?
  • Can I be honest about my feelings moving forward?
  • Communication
  • Intimacy and sexuality

Premarital mentoring offers an exceptional opportunity to explore expectations, compatibility, values, and long-term goals towards a healthy and successful marriage.

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