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How To Be Lovers For Life

The 10 Most Important Questions of Your Relationship
Feeling out of touch with your feelings? Not as close with your partner and family as you would like to be? Learn to have a more healthy relationship with your partner, family, co-worker, yourself and God.

  • Time to reconnect
  • Only what you can deliver “Did I Say That”?
  • Win-Win


Debt Free… Preparing for Wealth Workshop

  • Develop proficiency in managing personal finances through God’s principles
  • Articulate goals for financial planning
  • Create financial budget analysis
  • Evaluate your finances and prepare a plan to become debt free
  • Explain your debt free plan
  • Design a financial profile
  • Demonstrate Your knowledge of financial planning


Intimacy 101 You Love Her… You Just Don’t Know How To Support Her

  • How common is Breast Cancer?
  • What is Breast Cancer?
  • What are the risk factors?
  • Can Breast Cancer be prevented?
  • Test to find Breast Cancer Early
  • More information


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