Couples Mentoring

What is my purpose for Dating?

Couples Mentoring is the process of mentoring the parties in a relationship in an effort to recognize and to better manage or reconcile troublesome differences and repeating patterns of dysfunctional relationships that will not last.

Over the last 15 years of lecturing, public speaking, and mentoring, I’ve had hundreds of women come crying to me about their breakups, their heartbreaks, and their disappointments of failed relationships again and again. Although seeking unconditional love brings trials that make a person constantly grow and change, this pain, in reality, is a healthy growing pain. Love is not the crazy, confusing drama that we see today. That is not love, this is insanity.

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Through Couples Mentoring allows me to help you navigate through the dating process towards a truly enriching, relationship, and loving marriage.

Allow me to be your couples mentor.


  • Is it love or infatuation?
  • What am I really dating, Image, career, and why?
  • Why am I dating? What’s my purpose?
  • Do we have healthy boundaries?
  • Can I really be open, honest, and trust?


Reevaluate your approach to love and what you really need to have a healthy loving relationship, and gain the confidence to make the right decisions towards knowing if you are in a relationship that has lasting potential.

I will help you get it right the first time.

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