The Black Woman

The Black Woman


When black women work hard, preserve, and succeed they show other black women that there is hope, there is possibility, and there is so much more to life than shaking your booty, swinging on a pole, or lowering your standards and tearing each other down on national TV by excepting and believing that the norm is now to show disrespect to your counterparts. Black women should inspire others by making their dreams come true of pride, honor, and values. Our ancestors have struggled and worked to heard to break the chains of oppression. A Black Woman will empower others by sharing their journeys of life (the good, bad, and the ugly), and keep it real not pulling one another down just to climb over another for an opportunity of success, but the ability to reach and teach the rules of honor. For this, the world will admire and the black woman they will have influence over thousands of women of color!


“I don’t worry about what a man thinks about a woman, I’m concerned about what a woman thinks about herself”  Dr. Charles Dean – The Relationship Mentor

The Black Woman

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